Sacrd Mind - We live in a world where our days go a million miles an hour, filling our minds with far too many thoughts that are often not helpful to live a peaceful, joyous life in alignment with our true selves. I’ve personally been journaling now for 5 years, every night I set intentions for how I want tomorrow to be. These desktop journals have been created to help you honour your Sacrd mind. Rather than just writing a list of to-dos how about setting intentions for how you want to feel? How you want to show up in the world? Or even goals. If you set goals, you're only halfway there. In order to truly move the needle forward in achieving those goals, it is essential to attach intentions to them. 

 Benefits of setting intentions every day are

·         Intentions have no limits. The wonderful thing about intentions is that you can set a new one each day, and can set multiple for one day.

·         Intentions affect every aspect of your life.

·         Intentions keep you centred.

·         Intentions improve your effectiveness.

·         Intentions make you more mindful.


We have also created space for you affirmations, daily gratitude, reminders and to-dos. I truly believe that if you give yourself 10 minutes each evening to fill this in and then re-read it the next day you are on your way to a clear, peaceful Sacrd life. Honour yourself and spend time to connect with your true self and how you want to show up each day on this Sacrd earth.


Your thoughts create you reality.